Committees & Appointments

* First name listed is the head of that respective committee.

Committee First Name Last Name
Streets and Lights Kim Lohse
Nick Garber
Financing and Grants Coby Sedlacek
Don Spencer
Police and Legal
Don Spencer
Nick Garber
Pool and Tennis Courts Scott Jueneman
Kim Lohse
Parks and Ball Diamonds Scott Jueneman
Kim Lohse
Fire and Emergencies Nick Garber
Scott Jueneman
Ordinances Scott Jueneman
Don Spencer
Solid Waste Coby Sedlacek
Kim Lohse
Water and Sewer Coby Sedlacek
Kim Lohse
Buildings and Properties Don Spencer
Coby Sedlacek

City Staff

Position First Name Last Name
Mayor Jared Sedlacek
Fire Chief Shawn Minge
Water/Sewer Commissioner Scott Wieden
Street Commissioner Tim Koss
Enforcing Officer William Phillipi
City Clerk Katlin Bruna
City Treasurer Melissa Minge
City Attorney Jason Brinegar
Police Judge Jason Cohorst
Official Newspaper Washington County News

Storm Spotters

  • Tim Koss
  • Tom Schertz
  • Darrell Schlabach
  • Jeff Schlabach
  • Dan Seeberger
  • Richard Kruse
  • Bob Rut
  • Shawn Minge
  • Keith Bruna
  • Nick Garber
  • Ron Schlabach
  • Brad Heiman
  • Dan Pralle
  • Bob Luppen
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